The Profile Trifecta (package)


Perfect Your Profile - The Ultimate Trifecta!

Enhance your facial aesthetics with our exclusive 'Profile Trifecta' package at ABA Aesthetics, Rockwall, TX. This premium package offers a synergistic approach to redefine your profile by treating the nose, lips, and chin with precision injectables. Our skilled practitioners use advanced techniques to balance and beautify your features, achieving a harmonious, attractive appearance. Whether you're looking to refine your nose, plump your lips, or sculpt your chin, this tailored treatment ensures cohesive and natural-looking results.

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Area Treated
Nose, lips, chin
Down Time
Quick Recovery
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ANY Questions?

What does the Profile Trifecta package include?

The package includes targeted injectable treatments for the nose (non-surgical rhinoplasty), lips (lip fillers), and chin (chin augmentation), designed to create a balanced and refined facial profile.

How long will the results of the Profile Trifecta last?

Typically, results can vary by treatment area but generally last from 6 to 18 months. We recommend follow-up assessments to maintain optimal results.

Is there a savings advantage to choosing the package over individual treatments?

Yes, the Profile Trifecta package is priced to offer a cost-effective solution compared to booking each treatment separately, providing both value and exceptional results.

Can I customize which treatments are included in the Profile Trifecta?

The package is designed to provide cohesive results, but we can tailor each component to suit your specific aesthetic goals during your initial consultation.

What should I expect during the treatment session?

Expect a series of injections at targeted areas with minimal discomfort, thanks to topical anesthetics and expert techniques. The entire session may take about an hour.

Are there any specific aftercare tips following the Profile Trifecta treatment?

Avoid strenuous exercise and significant facial pressure for the first 24-48 hours. We'll provide detailed aftercare instructions to ensure optimal healing and results.

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